Dr. Oz, Sardines and Fit Bloggers, OH MY! 7

That’s right I said it…SARDINES!

We will get to that in a minute. How are you?? Are you getting excited to go watch the Broncos win Super Bowl XLVIII tomorrow?! I know we are! Chris is originally from Denver, so naturally he is a diehard fan of the Broncos. Since we just happen to be in NYC this Super Bowl and his team is playing, Chris decided to snatch up some tickets to go see the big game with his brother. He is going to have the best time! While he is freezing his buns off at the game, I will be heading over to our friend’s house to watch the game. I decided today that I will bring over some bacon wrapped figs and dates with a balsamic reduction {YUM}!

Now rewind to last weekend. I got an invite to a NYC Fit Blogger Brunch here in Brooklyn hosted by the lovely Margo of Brooklyn Fit Chick. Of course I said yes! We all brought over a bunch of delicious dishes to share, my favorites were: the parsnips with bacon from my dear friend Kerry of Queen Bacon {I need this recipe, amazing!!}, of course the big bowl of fruit {because it was my high carb day, whatttt!}, Rebecca’s meat balls with flax tortilla chips and guacamole, and my Paleo apple crisp! We all hung out, ate, talked about fitness, food, celebrity gossip, ate some more, and tried out the awesome Da Vinci Bodyboard. It’s basically a foldable wooden board that allows you to incorporate strength training and cardio in a short workout in your living room. It was equipped with resistance band for both your hands and feet as well as band running along the side that you can use for movements like lunges to shoulder press or a side lateral raise. It was very cool, I seriously need one of these in my life!

I met some amazingly fit ladies: Nellie from Brooklyn Active Momma, Lynette of Life’s Better in Yoga Pants, Kelly of Curvy Fit Girl and finally connected with the lovely Cassandre from Losing in the City, we have been trying to connect since we both attended Integrative Nutrition last year. Check them all out! It definitely got our minds off of this awful cold weather we’ve had lately! It was an all around great time and to make it even more awesome, Margo gave us some really great goodie bags filled with lots of workout DVDs, hot pink shoe laces, books, and a headband {WOWbest brunch take home ever!!}. I can’t wait to do this again soon!

Tuesday, I went to a taping of the Dr. Oz show with Chris, my friend Helin the Shoportunista and Jocelyn from An Unprocessed Life. I applied for the tickets online about two weeks ago for Helin and I, it was a really easy process, then at the last minute I got an email saying they had two more tickets for me! I had to wake up at 6am to start getting ready, Chris and I jumped on the subway and arrived to the ABC studio at 8am. We quickly got through security and stood in line, we waited in the hallway for about 20 or so minutes. While we waited we checked out the posters hanging up of the different shows and noticed The View’s posted which featured an almost unrecognizable Jenny McCarthy. She looked very pretty as always but her face was so touched up that you could hardly tell it was her! Such a shame.

They started shuttling us up in large groups up the elevators into a large curtained off room with chairs and the coat check rack. We sat here for maybe another 20 minutes before some of the crew came in to look for volunteers to be on the show. I was so excited, I really wanted to be on but they were actually looking for a group of 4 over weight people, so sadly and thankfully I didn’t fit the bill.

Shortly after, they started calling sections to go on the set to get seats. I actually did a little research before the show and read that if you wore bright colors, you were more likely to get put in the front row. So we were all decked out in our most colorful tops in hopes we would get seated up front. When we walked up to the crew, they asked how many you were in each group and then scan all of the rows to find the perfect spot for the group. It was funny because you could see that they were intentionally sitting men in the back and women up close. They originally sat all four of us together about 4-5 rows up from the front behind a pair of large cameras. I was nervous we wouldn’t make it on camera where we were seated but the crew made an announcement that everyone would be seen. Then as the seats started getting fuller, we were approached by a crew member who instructed for the girls in the teal and pink {Helin and I} to come down to the front! I was beyond excited and also a little sad that our group was being split up…but mostly excited! 😉

The audience was then instructed on the layout of the show and at what times we should clap {my hands were so tired of clapping by the time the show was over!}. Finally the show began, they announced Dr. Oz and he walk out of the door directly to the right of Helin and I. I was so excited when those doors opened! Dr. Oz walked right out, shook mine and Helin’s hand, and thanked us for coming {look Ma, I’m on T.V.)! We couldn’t believe what luck we had with the seat change! Looks like wearing bright colors really does get you on the front row! 😉

The show was really great. I figured it could be really hit or miss, you never know with these things. The show topics included:

  • Healthy fats, both mono and polyunsaturated: He said we should all add one serving of good quality fats like avocado, coconut  and olive oil, almonds and other nut butters to each meal.
  • Ways to get calcium from non-dairy sources. More and more people are becoming dairy intolerant so Dr. Oz suggested to get your daily dose of calcium from sardines (see video below), sesame and sunflower seeds, and pine nuts.
  • He introduced a new supplement called FBCx. It is a natural soluble fiber that claims to reduce calorie absorption by up to 500 fat calories per day.  The way it works is by binding to the fats preventing it from being digested or stored, it then passes through the intestense and elliminated as waste. They claim that there are no side effects from this supplement. There were a lot of Ewwwws and Ahhhhs when Dr. Oz introduced this new potential weight loss supplement. I am sure that people will be running to the stores to buy this stuff after the show airs.
  • Make-up contouring and color blocking your outfit to make give the appearance you are 10lbs lighter.

Watch the video below to hear about my sardine experience!

Are you a fan or sardines? If so, what’s your favorite way to enjoy them?  


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7 thoughts on “Dr. Oz, Sardines and Fit Bloggers, OH MY!

  • GiGi Eats Celebrities

    SARDINES ARE MY JAMMMM!!! I LOVE THEM SO SO SO MUCH! But I have to eat the ones packed in olive oil! I cannot just have spring water – I need the extra fat! ha ha! :) I am glad you had fun at Dr. Oz!!! I go to show taping out here in LA all the time – I chill with Chelsea Handler before she goes out and tapes shows too!
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  • Yudi

    Thanks for this post! I know that if I can’t make being fit and losing weghit fun, I will never get the motivation to do anything healthy. Doing things like taking my dog for a walk or in a nearby mountain area can be a nice change of pace. Whatever can be done to vary things is much better than doing the same old thing.On another note, you can’t just starve yourself or eat bland but healthy food and expect to lose weghit long-term.If you can find foods that are healthy but still have great taste, eventually your brain is goingto think that eating healthy is a good thing because the food tastes great.Thanks for taking the time to write all of this.It’s very hard to find find good information on health. There are a lot of people that this is going to help!

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