Mmmm Tacos! Last week, I posted this picture of my delicious healthy spin on tacos onto my Facebook page. These babies tasted amazing!

“Thanks to @thewholejourney I found these amazing organic sprouted corn tortillas! They are made of only organic sprouted corn, water, lime and salt. Doesn’t get much better than that! I topped it with some delicious grassfed beef, red peppers, red onions, garlic, tomato and avocado!” 


That day, I received the comment below from one of my amazing followers.


It made me a little sad for two reasons. For one, it sucks people feel like they have to be perfect and buy organic/grassfed food in order to make changes to be a healthier version of themselves. And for two, there is a very big misconception that eating organic/grassfed or healthy food in general has to be expensive and totally break the bank. Because it doesn’t. Here was my response…


“It was so delicious and not too pricey! The total comes out to only $3.35 for the meal. That’s a lot less than what most people spend when going out to eat and usually cheaper than a subway sandwich. But instead Of getting low quality food that can cause all sorts of health issues, I get a delicious meal that is PACKED with nutritional goodness! Here is the breakdown of this meal:

4oz serving grassfed beef: $1.50
Quarter avocado: $0.38
Chopped Tomato: $0.22
2 Organic corn tortilla: $0.70
Onion: $0.25 
Pepper: $0.25
Garlic: $0.05
Total: $3.35

What I mainly focus on is buying high quality meats which I get organic grassfed beef from trader joes for $5.99 per lb and organic chicken from $1.99 – $2.99 per lb. I choose to spend a little extra per pound on meats because non-organic is full of so many toxins and antibiotics that wreak havoc on our immune system and cause us to store body fat. I save money by not splurging on processed packaged foods, I rarely eat out, and I cut back on Starbucks. When I actually thought about all the unnecessary things I was spending my money on each week, I realized that there was lots of little things that I was splurging on which made it a little hard to make the argument that buying organic foods was really breaking the bank. Organic eggs are also very cheap to buy and make as meals too so you don’t always have to go for expensive meats like beef. 

If you absolutely can’t afford to buy organic protein, then go for the leanest cuts of meats possible since toxins are stored mostly in the fats. Then, grab some organic eggs and use the dirty dozen chart to find safe non-organic foods to eat until you are ready to transition to organic. You’d be surprised how cheap sweet potatoes and onions are and how easy to incorporate them into your meals. 

And lastly, try not to think of paleo/whole 30 as an all or nothing thing. Try to just do the best you can with what you have! Just because you can’t afford organic, doesn’t mean you can’t cut out inflammatory foods like gluten pastas and replace them with white or brown rice. Just do the best that you can right now and build off of that!”

She was super thankful and said that when you break it down per meal, it really wasn’t that bad. She admitted to drinking too much Starbucks coffee each week. The best part was that she was so excited because she went to the store, shopped the outer aisles for fresh ingredients, and bought her family the healthiest foods she could afford. All without breaking the bank!

eating organic

I think where we as Americans get confused is that in the US, we eat the cheapest food on the planet because of farm subsidies which give us access to very low quality foods that are genetically modified, fed GMO feed, sprayed with tons of pesticides and pumped with antibiotics.

Therefore, since our low quality food is priced so cheaply, it makes buying say a dozen eggs for $1.50 per carton to now buying a dozen organic eggs for $4.99 per carton seem super expensive. But really we are talking about .13 cents for a low quality egg vs .42 cents for a high quality egg which is only a .29 cents difference per egg. So for me personally I’d rather pay .29 cents extra per egg and invest that money into my health rather than in the hospital later. This goes the same for comparing organic grassfed meats to conventional meats.

Another way to look at organic pasture raised meats vs. conventional meats is that besides avoiding all the toxins that are making you sick and fat, you will also get many more nutrients like vitamin E & C, beta-carotene and health-boosting omega-3 fatty acids and CLA “conjugated Linoleic Acid” from a healthy organic grassfed animal. When you eat meat from a conventionally raised animal, you are not only eating the toxins, hormones and antibiotics from the animal but also the toxins and pesticides from the GMO-feed that they consumed throughout their entire lifespan.

As you can tell I am a big fan of eating organic meat but I don’t want to neglect the importance of eating organic produce because that is another major source of how chemical toxins are getting into our bodies. Luckily, we are able to metabolize and excrete  many of the pesticides that we consume on a daily basis, but chronic exposure of pesticides sprayed on the produce we’ve eaten over a lifetime means that we always have high levels of pesticides in our bodies. A study came out recently showed  that eating an 80% organic diet can reduce the amount of circulating pesticides in the body by nearly 90% in just 3-5 days! Now if that isn’t motivating then, I don’t know what is!

I admit it, when I first started my transition into buying organic food, I thought the prices were outrageous! And sometimes I still do depending on the store I go to and how overpriced the meat is. But when I took a step back and realized that I was investing in my health now so that I don’t have to pay for it later on down the road in medical bills, then it looks a WHOLE lot cheaper. Plus, when I really started to do price break downs of food, like I did above, it really wasn’t very expensive compared to some of the silly stuff I was spending my money on each week.

Simple shopping swaps that may help justify spending more on organic food each week:

1 pair of underwear from Target $5.99 vs. 1 pound of organic grassfed beef from Trader Joes $5.99
1 grande mint tea from Starbucks $2.67 vs. 1 bag of organic baby spinach $1.99-$3.99
1 tall Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte $4.45 vs. a dozen organic pasture raised eggs $4.00-$4.99
1 bottle of Essie Nail polish $8.99 vs. 1 pound of wild caught salmon from Trader Joes $9.99
1 Energy Drink $3.50 vs. 1 pint of organic tomatoes $3.50
1 pack of Gum $1.25 vs. 1 bunch of organic bananas $1

Maybe your splurge items are different from these, we all have them. The point is, we all have some non-essential items that we buy on a weekly basis that we can cut back on which will allow us a little extra spending money for quality foods. And like I told my reader above, it’s not about being perfect nor is it an “all or nothing” kind of deal. It’s about doing our best we can to incorporate more healthy organic foods into our diet so we can start lowering our exposure to these chemical toxins and live longer healthier lives!

 Links on how to get thrifty when buying organic:

EWG’s Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen Shopping Guide

Eat Wild’s Farm Directory for grassfed meat, dairy and eggs

Find Real Food App (apple) from the Weston A Price Foundation

Farmers Market and store finder for organic food

Local Harvest farmers market locator

Costco  or Sam’s Club Membership to buy organic in bulk and save $$$

Seasonal Food Guide – Buy seasonal produce to save money

Wildly Affordable Organic: Eat Fabulous Food, Get Healthy, and Save the Planet–All on $5 a Day or Less - Book

Rich Food Poor Food – The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System – Book


 What are some of your favorite tips for saving money when buying organic food?

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3-day detox

Disclaimer: We earn a small commission if you use the highlighted links to purchase the products mentioned in this post. We recommend only products that we would use in our own home or that we would recommend for our clients. Your purchases help to support our blogging activities such as creating yummy recipes to share with you and also helps us to bring even more helpful nutrition and training information to you on a weekly basis. Thank you for your continued support and for helping us continue what we LOVE to do!



Creamy Vanilla Coconut Smoothie Recipe

by Amber on August 29, 2014

If you read my very LONG post yesterday, you now know ALL of my personal business of how I went from thinking I had a binge eating disorder, to losing my sex drive, then finding out that both parasites and candida overgrowth have taken residency in my gut, to finally finding some life balance after I started naturally killing off the bad guys which helped to start balancing out my hormones again and getting my sexy back! Whoa that was a mouth full!


Like I said at the end of my post, this is really just the beginning of my journey and it’s far from over. I am working hard to kill the parasites and candida albicans through a sugar, gluten, soy, and dairy-free diet and herbs. Since removing sugars of all kinds (yes, even fruit!), all my cravings and binging tendencies have gone away. I no longer feel like I want to eat an entire back of chocolates or face plant into a jar of almond butter and honey. It’s a really good feeling and I’m hoping I can keep it this way! I know I will never be perfect and I’m sure there will be some stressful times in my life that will make me want to eat the world. But at least now I know that I am making progress and have removed the major trigger foods that were causing me to feel out of control.


So this summer, I had the honor of taking over Integrative Nutrition’s Instagram feed during their #IINtakeover. I got to share what a day of my life as a health coach looks like with all 26,000 of their followers. It was really such an honor!


For my takeover I shared one of my favorite healthy treats to satisfy my sweet tooth which is my delicious creamy vanilla coconut smoothie! This smoothie is loaded with healthy fats and protein to keep you full and satisfy your sweet craving!


Creamy Vanilla Coconut Smoothie

Creamy Vanilla Coconut Smoothie


I use 1 scoop vanilla vegan protein powder
1/4 ripe avocado
2 Tbsp sunflower or cashew butter
1/2 tsp cinnamon
a dash or two of organic powdered stevia


Blend well with a couple ice cubes, add extra cold water if needed, and enjoy!

Of course for my first post during my @nutritionschool #IINtakeover I had to share a before and after! So I posted my classic before shot from May 2009 and then a shot that Chris and I took at a beach bootcamp in Florida on July 4th.
Beach Bootcamp - Exsoycise

“Hi my fellow health fanatics! I’m Amber Williford a Certified Holistic Health from @exsoycise and @awakenednutrition, I’m so excited to share my life through photos with you during today’s #IINtakeover!

Since I started my own journey over 5 years ago, I was on a mission to lose weight and get fit. With the help of IIN I realized that there is so much more to living a healthy life than just dieting to lose weight. Through IIN and my own research I’ve learned about eating nutritious foods that help to heal and fuel the body as well as how relationships, self love, stress, and environmental toxins affect all aspects of our lives.

I suffer from leaky gut syndrome which caused me to develop an allergy to soy as well as sensitivities to dairy and eggs. And I’m also working hard to get rid of candida overgrowth and parasites. The allergies plus uncontrollable bloating after eating the even healthiest foods and extreme food cravings that helped me to uncover the root cause of my issues.

It’s my goal to help woman just like me to overcome digestive distress and get a handle on their weight loss through daily detoxification and stress management through coaching” 

I don’t want to bore you all with another mega long blog post, so I will save the rest of the photos for next weeks post! I hope you have a great weekend!


What’s your favorite sweet tooth taming smoothie or snack?


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Disclaimer: I earn a small commission if you use the highlighted links to purchase the products mentioned in this post. I recommend only products that I would use in our own home or that I would recommend to my clients. Your purchases help to support my blogging activities such as creating yummy recipes to share with you and also helps me to bring even more helpful nutrition and training information to you on a weekly basis. Thank you for your continued support and for helping me continue what I LOVE to do!



How I found my sex drive when I didn't even know I'd lost it


It’s been a hot minute since I last posted on the blog. I hope you all didn’t miss me too much! ;) I’ve been doing a little self healing and running my Sexy Summer Detox which has kept me busy busy!

The last time I posted was when I was riding high on the GAPS diet. If you are unfamiliar with GAPS, it is a very stirct whole foods diet designed to heal a leaky gut. I was going through the introductory phases of the diet and started to detox from a lot of the junk and toxins I was normally putting into my body. I felt so amazing, I was losing weight, my abdominal bloating was practically gone, my period was starting to normalize and I started to feel somewhat normal again besides the fact that I was eating an ultra strict and very limiting diet.

During the introductory phase of the diet, you go through stages where you gradually start incorporating approved healthy foods back into your diet and see how you react. Well after gracefully cruising through the first several stages, I got stuck. I gradually started to incorporate different foods such as raw honey, cooked fruits, nuts and nut flours back into my diet. I quickly started spiraling out of control and binge eating on whole bags of soaked nuts and the fruit. When I wasn’t binging on the foods I was adding in, I was going to town on butternut squash and roasted carrots. I would eat two and three bags at a time. I started to feel a little crazy. Was I just too deprived from these sweet foods that when I finally got my hands on them I just went wild?

I read other blogs and everyone else seemed to be going through GAPS with flying colors and here I was mixing gobs of honey, cinnamon and nut flour to create my own nut butters that I would binge on in secret. I tried to deprive myself of these foods even more and stayed stuck in the stages where I could only eat grassfed meats, oils, veggies and fermented vegetables. Even when I was back on my game, I still suffered from unexplained bloating and gas. But as soon as I thought I had a handle on my binging and would attempt to add another food in, it would happen all over again. One handful of nuts would quickly turn into a whole pound bag of nuts.

Then one night I broke down.

I was sitting in a friends kitchen alone, I started thinking how I was eating some of the healthiest food I’ve ever eaten in my life and should be making amazing progress, yet I felt more out of control than I ever had. I literally felt like I was going insane and I was going to be trapped in this vicious cycle of healing and self sabotage for the rest of my life. How could I ever heal myself if I couldn’t get my shit together? I want to be normal again one day, so the motivation is there. I want to be able to go to a restaurant and not have to be the weird allergy girl that everyone has to accommodate. So at that moment of weakness and disappointment, I took my binging to a whole new level and started going to town on some left over Halloween candy completely blowing the months of hard work that I had put in. I ate piece after piece of any chocolate I could find and literally couldn’t stop myself! I started getting full and each piece started to taste less and less delicious to me, but I still kept on eating it. Then, I moved onto kettle corn popcorn. I kept telling myself that I should stop eating because I wasn’t even enjoying the food anymore but I couldn’t make myself stop.

I felt like I wasn’t in control of my own body or mind. I felt like an addict.


After failing on the GAPS diet, I came to the conclusion that I had a binge eating disorder. Not only because of this incident, but also because of my struggles with binging over the last several years. I had a very emotional conversation with Chris about how I was pretty sure that I had an eating disorder and that I had been dealing with it for years. This made me feel like a failure. How was I supposed to be a health coach and help my clients when I couldn’t even help myself. We decided that it was best for me to take a break from the GAPS diet and any other strict eating program besides my food allergies until I could get a handle on what was going on with me.

This tear filled conversation brought up so many emotions that I was harboring deep down inside of me. With all of my binging, I had gained quite a bit of the weight I had originally lost which made me feel so insecure and unsexy. I was beating myself up because I felt like I had to live up to the amazing shape I was in when I got my fitness photos taken in June 2013. If that all wasn’t enough to deal with, I realized that I had nearly lost my once very vibrant sex drive! How could this have happened and how did I not even notice? I think with all of life’s craziness and stress, it just started to slip away and I was too busy and sleep deprived to even notice.

Chris said he could tell that I was a little off over the last several months, but he had no idea that I felt this way. He was shocked because it was totally out of character for me to feel so down on myself. The girl he fell in love with 4+ years ago wasn’t in shape at all, but had a bubbly personality and was super confident in her own skin. He was very understanding and told me he would support me any way I needed him too. He uplifted me with sweet words of encouragement and told me how beautiful I was more often. Chris’s support has been beyond helpful and I’m so very blessed to have him by my side!

Chris and Amber

But I had to do some deep soul searching to find my own happy.

That came in the form of:

  • dancing around the apartment to music I love
  • spending time with God
  • taking more time for myself
  • limiting my workouts to once or twice a week and not beating myself up when I didn’t go
  • attempting to get more sleep
  • eating nourishing foods that didn’t make me feel super restricted
  • taking time for personal self care practices that made me feel beautiful

During these months of self care, I started to dig deeper into my detox practices by doing coffee enemas to help to support my liver and clean out all the junk that’s been backed up inside me for my whole life. Through the enemas and taking some anti-fungal herbal tinctures, I found out that I had parasites. They literally came out of my body and I have the pictures to prove it but I will spare you those. Chris and I named my new visitors “The Frederickson’s”. ;)

This was not at all shocking to me because I suspected I had parasites while I was dealing with yet another month long sweets binge about 5+ years ago after I returned home from a trip to Jamaica, but I never had it confirmed. Once I found this out, I started to see a holistic practitioner that someone referred to me for colonics at The Piper Center For Internal Wellness in NYC. There I found out that I also had candida yeast overgrowth and because of this my body was creating a lot of mucus to help fight the inflammation they were causing internally.

The pieces of the puzzle started coming together for me.

Candida albicans and parasites both feed on sugar of ALL kinds. It can’t decipher between natural raw honey, fruit sugars, brown unprocessed sugar or plain old white sugar. It’s all the same to these guys and I was directly feeding them with most of the foods I was eating. They were taking over my mind and causing me to have such intense cravings that made me feel crazy! All of the times I felt like I wasn’t in control of my own body, I was completely right because I wasn’t. It is no wonder that I did amazing on the 21 Day Sugar Detox a couple years ago! Sugar cravings aren’t the only way that candida overgrowth can affect you, it is also very sneaky and will wreck your sex life as it did for me. It has the ability to mess with your hormones, adrenals, and in some people completely take away your sex drive. I can now only imagine the amount of woman today who are suffering from a low sex drive and wacky hormones due to candida overgrowth and feel like it’s “normal” for them to feel that way as they get older. But that is the complete opposite of what should happen to us ladies!

I immediately jumped on a completely sugar-free cleanse with special herbs that helped me to start getting eliminating some of the candida and The Frederickson’s that took residency in my gut. I felt like crap for about a week with low energy, fatigue and extreme brain fog as they started to die-off and release toxins in my body. After just 3 weeks, I started losing weight again, bloating less, and decreasing inflammation in my body. All cravings I had went away completely and I no longer wanted to the eat junk that the candida and parasites were making me crave.

Detoxing from these pests also helped my hormones to balance out again and I finally got my sex drive back! It was a Christmas (in July) miracle! I am happy to say that I feel beautiful, sexy, sane, and happy again! My physique is nowhere near where I was last June and I’ve even lost a little bit of muscle. But I feel SO great about myself now and that is what is most important!

This post is now entirely too long. I intend to go into more detail about this subject in future posts both here and on Awakened Nutrition so don’t you worry. I am far from healed, in fact, I have a long road of recovery ahead of me but at least I have a clearer picture of where I am headed. But I just wanted to share my story because I know many women feel like the same way that I did and I want you to all know that you are not alone in this!

Have you or anyone you know ever had to deal with candida or parasites? I’d love to hear any tips or sugar-free recipes that you can share in the comments! 

What are some of your favorite ways to find your own happy?

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3-day detox



Today, I created wanted to catch up with you all via this vlog because I haven’t had much time to blog lately. In the video I chatted about:

What I’ve been up to over the past couple months which has mostly been my 10 Day Spring Detox and my 3-part video series called Everything You Need To Know About Detoxing.

10-Day Spring Detox
How I started balancing out my hormones, losing weight and got clearer skin naturally with a whole life detox.

The GAPS Diet which is a gut healing protocol that I’ve been doing to heal my leaky gut.

Bone Broth Soup

My teleclass “What’s Gut Got To Do With It? How Poor Digestion May Be Making You Toxic and Keeping You Fat”.

You can’t half-ass your gut health.

Spring time in NYC and self care in the form of surprise dates with Chris! ;) My surprise date for Chris was taking him to Target First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum and dinner. We heard great music, enjoyed wine as we checked out all of the beautiful exhibits, and had a lovely dinner at my favorite restaurant Bareburger. I can’t wait to see what Chris has planned for us this Saturday!

You can expect to see more of these videos from me here on exsoycise since I will be trying to focus more on cranking out more awesome informative posts on mine and Chris’s blog Awakened Nutrition & Training! I look forward to sharing more videos with you soon!

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P.S. Wanna sneak peek into one of my 10-Day Detox programs that uses the elimination diet? Sign up to get my FREE 3-Day Detox and jump-start your weight loss now!



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The following post is sponsered by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Les Mills. All opinions are my own.


Don’t you just LOVE those workouts where you leave the gym and you are already so sore that you are having trouble walking down the street?


Well I’m on day 4 post-workout and I’m still feeling the burn from taking a BodyPump class for the very first time on last Monday night! It probably hurts so much because I haven’t worked out in a week or so because of a bad cut on my finger the week prior. So this was actually a great first workout to get me back to my workout routine!


I’m usually not one to take classes at the gym unless it’s a hot yoga class and I’ve occasionally taken some spinning classes which I haven’t done in a while. I’m a weight room kinda gal. I love having my weight routine schedule and I love to push myself each week lifting as heavy as possible!
So when I was invited to come try out the new Les Mills BodyPump class at New York Sports Club, I was super excited! I had heard great things about it in the past and I knew there wasn’t any dancing or 2lb hand weights involved.


This class was designed so that you can progress your workouts by adjusting the weights according to which exercise you are doing. It just wouldn’t make much sense to squat with the same weight that you are able to do a bicep curl with! I think that’s where a lot of classes get it wrong because how can you ever progress if you are using the same weights for each body part.


The original LES MILLS™ barbell class will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body fast – with THE REP EFFECT™ – by leading participants in 70-100 repetitions per body part totaling up to 800 repetitions in a single workout.  The weight training movements in BODYPUMP® give gym-goers a feeling of confidence through hard-core moves like tricep push-ups, clean-and-presses and hang cleans. After all, strong is the new skinny!

I got sore just reading 800 reps!! But I was totally up for the challenge!

Bodypump sign

When I got to the class, there was already a huge line outside and I was surprised to see a mix of both men and women! I guess I’m just used to seeing classes made up of mostly women at the gyms I normally go to.


The doors opened and everyone rushed inside. I had to move fast to get a spot which of course happened to be on the very front row. I grabbed a step bench, mat, a bar, clamps and several weight plates.


We loaded our weights and got started with a clean to press, we did several presses both slow and fast paced and then supersetted with some squat presses! The count usually went 3 slow counts down, 1 count up.  We then, reloaded our weights a bit heavier to work our leg muscles. The tempo of each exercise went right along with all of the awesome music. Later in the workout we used the step up bench for the chest press, tricep push-ups and the tricep dips. My muscles were screaming the entire time!


The exercises included:
Squats and lunges
Deadlifts to bent-over rows
Upright rows to single plate shoulder press
Incline tricep push-ups, dips and overhead tricep plate extensions
Push-ups, bench press to single plate chest fly
Barbell bicep curls to single plate hammer curls.
Abs and stretching


The instructors, Nicole and Thorsten, who were both in amazing shape and did each exercise with us, gave general guidelines on what weights to use throughout the workout. So for legs and chest she suggested heavier weights, and for bicep curls she suggested using weights slightly heavier than your warm-up set. My warning for your first class is to probably go slightly lighter than you think you can handle. I know that when I’m in the weight room, I can bench and curl much more weight than I used for that class but you also have to take in consideration that you will be doing higher intensity, higher reps vs. If you were doing an exercise where you only do 8-12 reps.

I thought this class was awesome, it was challenging, it’s customizable which is great since we are all at different fitness levels, and it was a great full body workout. Because my goal is to build strength, I wouldn’t use this class to replace my daily weight regimen, but I would  add it into the mix as high intensity full body workout! My only regret was that I forgot to wear my heart rate monitor so I could see how many calories I burned!! Next time!

Nicole and Thorsten Bodypump

(PS. Nicole and Thorsten way out squatted the instructor in this video! ;) I told Thorsten after the class that he had one of the deepest squats that I had ever seen!)


If you want to get your bootay kicked by BodyPump and you live in New York, then you are in luck!! They are offering the class at 36 different locations and I am giving away a FREE 30 day membership so that you can do your own BodyPump makeover! This pass retails at $125 so don’t miss out on this sweet deal!
Bodypump 30 day pass

 For a chance to win please leave a comment below telling me about your experience with BodyPump OR why you want to want to try BodyPump

Giveaway Terms: . I will select the winner using And The Winner Is plug-in on Wednesday, April 9th. You must be a US resident and should be local or planning to visit NY so that you are able to use the pass.


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