How To Choose The Perfect Budget Blender

Back when I first started on my health journey, I owned a standard blender which was awesome for making smoothies and puddings but the clean up without the use of a dish washer made it tough for me to use it every day. I then purchased a small travel size blender to make my smoothie […]

How to choose the perfect budget blender

Why Eating Organic Food Won’t Break The Bank 7

Mmmm Tacos! Last week, I posted this picture of my delicious healthy spin on tacos onto my Facebook page. These babies tasted amazing! “Thanks to @thewholejourney I found these amazing organic sprouted corn tortillas! They are made of only organic sprouted corn, water, lime and salt. Doesn’t get much better than that! I topped it […]

eating organic

Beach Bootcamp - Exsoycise

Creamy Vanilla Coconut Smoothie Recipe 6

If you read my very LONG post yesterday, you now know ALL of my personal business of how I went from thinking I had a binge eating disorder, to losing my sex drive, then finding out that both parasites and candida overgrowth have taken residency in my gut, to finally finding some life balance after […]

How I Found My Sex Drive When I Didn’t Even Know I’d Lost It 38

  It’s been a hot minute since I last posted on the blog. I hope you all didn’t miss me too much! I’ve been doing a little self healing and running my Sexy Summer Detox which has kept me busy busy! The last time I posted was when I was riding high on the GAPS […]

How I found my sex drive when I didn't even know I'd lost it


Catching Up: Detox, GAPS Diet for Gut Healing and Surprise Dates 1

Today, I created wanted to catch up with you all via this vlog because I haven’t had much time to blog lately. In the video I chatted about: What I’ve been up to over the past couple months which has mostly been my 10 Day Spring Detox and my 3-part video series called Everything You […]

Les Mills BODYPUMP Review + a 30 Day Gym Pass to NYSC Giveaway!

The following post is sponsered by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Les Mills. All opinions are my own.   Don’t you just LOVE those workouts where you leave the gym and you are already so sore that you are having trouble walking down the street?   Well I’m on day 4 post-workout and I’m still […]

Bodypump 30 day pass

Dr. Oz, Sardines and Fit Bloggers, OH MY! 3

That’s right I said it…SARDINES! We will get to that in a minute. How are you?? Are you getting excited to go watch the Broncos win Super Bowl XLVIII tomorrow?! I know we are! Chris is originally from Denver, so naturally he is a diehard fan of the Broncos. Since we just happen to be […]

Well, It's Winter!


Best Nail Polish Ever! Julep Maven Unboxing + a Free box! (video) 1

Good morning and TGIF!! What do you have planned for this weekend? So far I am planning on going to a brunch here in Brooklyn with some of my fellow fit bloggers. Which reminds me, I still need to think of something to prepare! Other than that, I might have some friends over Saturday night […]

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